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Privacy Policy

Pairstech SGS Ltd will comply with GDPR Directive when collecting, storing and maintaing and using personal data.
If you are interested into how our organization processes personal data and how it applies data protection principles, please contact us and we will provide you with our documentation about our Privacy Policy and GDPR adoption.
We do NOT collect information from individuals directly, any information you will provide through this website will only be used to answer back to your request and than deleted should you not explicity approve differently

  • Our representative in charge for you to contact is our CEO Enrico Danieletto.
    You can contact us at
  • The purpose for our organization to process your personal data is to provide you with info about our products and services.
    Our privacy and data protection policy are approved by our regulator.
  • When you seek to become a client of us, we are obliged by AML and KYC rules to obtain personal and financial data from yourselves, data that will be processed accordingly to our plicy.
  • Your data will be processed internally to our organization, and be available to Compliance Department and Administration.  Once you become a client, you will be assigned an Account Exective Person.
  • We do not transfer any personal data to a third country .
  • Retention period  for your data is generally one year. Should you be willing to know more about criteria used to determine the retention period of the data, please contact us and we will provide you with related documentation.
  • You are entitled all rights about your data, accordingly to GDPR and all the other UK and EU directives and laws.
  • You have  right to withdraw consent at any time, just send us an email at
  • You have right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is the UK’s supervisory authority for the GDPR and is responsible for promoting and enforcing the legislation. For complaint please contact ICO at
  • We remember you that the provision of personal data is part of a statutory or contractual requirement and obligation. Failing to provide your personal data would impossibility to use our services and products, and cause immediate interruption of services.In some cases it could imply informing relevant authorithies.
  • We do NOT have  an automated decision-making system, including profiling, and information about how this system has been set up, the significance, and the consequences

We  do NOT obtain your data indirectly (via another organization).

Privacy, Terms and Conditions

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•   This website is intended for general information purposes. Any opinions on investment products contained herein are not intended to convey any guarantees as to the future investment performance of these products.

•   Under no circumstances should any material at this site be used or considered as an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy an interest in any security or investment managed by Pairstech SGS Ltd or its affiliates or any other product or service to any person in any jurisdiction, nor should it serve as the basis for any investment decision.

•   In addition to the information herein contained, one investor considering the products and services analysed should carry out his own due diligence, should carefully study the account forms, disclosure documents and/or risk disclosure statements which are provided directly by the asset management companies, banking or brokerage counterparties.

•   Past performance is no indication of future performance, and nothing on this Site should be interpreted to state or imply otherwise. The value of investments may fall as well as rise and investors may not get back the full amount invested.

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